2/18/2017 Chuck Carter Another great service at San Ramon Valley Imports. Highly recommend them for anybody looking for a new auto service shop.
2/17/2017 Wil Damian Friendly and quick service
2/17/2017 Art Gardner Outstanding professional car and customer service.
2/16/2017 Paul Turcotte Best customer service. Period.
2/15/2017 Dennis The thing I most value at San Ramon Auto Repair is their honesty. On my most recent visit, they could have hung me with a much higher bill to take care of a moisture problem and I would not have known the difference. Instead, they took care of the problem and billed me accordingly. My comment as I left the shop..."Thank you for the cheap fix!"
2/14/2017 Paul Hoe Although Mark and his crew were not able to find the source of my problem, as it's one of those where the problem sometimes comes and goes and this time it chose not to come back, I'd bring my vehicle back anytime as its obvious to me that Mark and his service technicians are there to help if they can and not run up a bill. If and when my problem does occur more consistently, I'll bring it back to Valley Import Center.
2/14/2017 Mark Burrell Efficient, friendly service for a good price - as usual. We've been using Valley Import Center for years and they've always been great.
2/13/2017 Derek Liecty Great job requiring technical know how.
2/10/2017 Frank Augustyn Usual super service. A customer for 28+ years.
2/6/2017 tony Jackson Excellent as always.
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