Auto Repair Service You Can Count On!

Don’t wait until your ‘check engine light’ turns on to have your vehicle serviced. Regular maintenance on your vehicle is important and we typically recommend you follow the maintenance recommendations outlined in your vehicle manual. Though it may depend on the make, model or age of your vehicle, a good guideline is having your car serviced approximately every 5,000 miles or at least once a year. 

San Ramon Valley Import Center specializes in the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of vehicles, not just "imports." You may be able to find a cheaper "oil change" elsewhere, and while oil changes are definitely important, our regular "services" include other components like checking tire wear and pressure, tire rotations, and brake inspections among others. Our goal is to keep your vehicle in top operating condition. As part of that we do our best to let you know "what's coming" in terms of future repair needs and preventative maintenance so you can plan for it.


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